Southern California Snake Removal Inc

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Snake Removal Pricing

Snake removal fees are as follows:

Removal Fee is $100.00. This covers the time and mileage for driving out to retrieve the snake, and further mileage for the release of the snake.

If we need to search the property for the snake, their is an added $25.00 to the price. This will cover the first hour of searching. This price is subject to change give the level of danger for the search.

Under house inspections usually start at $400.00 and is determined upon the snake wranglers opinion. This is one of the more dangerous searchs given the lack of ability to move from harms way. We have found everything from toxic mold, to various spiders, scorpions, dead animals, raccoons, skunks, and dust that hurts to breath, in order to find one snake! This price is agreed upon before the inspector goes under the house. 

These fees apply whether the snake is venomous or not. We hope and encourage our customers to keep all non venomous snakes on the property found. If a customer is that afraid of snakes, and insists on the snakes removal, we will comply with our customers' requests.


All native species snakes will be released the day of capture at a new home. Non-native snakes will be held onto until a home in captivity can be found.


We will not kill any snake removed, even if the customer requests it.