Southern California Snake Removal Inc

Snake Proofed Gates

Southern California Snake Removal is one of the only snake prevention companies who goes to such extremes to protect your home from snakes. While we have given away our secrets on how to stop snakes with hardware cloth mesh, we are not willing to show the free world how to customize customers gates. This is why this page is password protected.

Each gate that we customize for a customer is unique in its own way. No two gates are the same, and thats why we charge seprate then the fencing. 

Gate customizing is not pre fabricated. We bring up the welder and the steel to your home and start fabrication on site. 

The gates we customize are a permanent solution to stopping the snakes from getting through your gate and onto your property.  After all whats the point of snake fencing your home if a snake can just come in through the front or back gate! 

We are posting pics of our gates and will soon post video of the main gates opening and closing!