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Snake Fencing Info

Please take the time to read this very important information about snake preventative fencing!

There are a few new companies around Southern California that have began installing snake preventative fencing. Many of these companies have no clue as to the information they are giving their clients. We have developed this page as a way for you to gain knowledge about what to look for when choosing a snake preventative fence contractor! Don't just trust any Saint to come along and take care of your snake problem!

Snake Preventative wire needs to be planted at least 12" into the ground in order to block animals from going under! Some companies will tell you that 4 to 6 inches is sufficient. Other companies will tell you that snakes can't dig and you don't need to bury the wire. THIS IS HOGWASH! Gophers dig their tunnels about 6 to 8 inches beneath the ground, with feeding burrows as deep as 6 feet under.( ) . The whole reason we bury the wire is to block these animals. So. Cal Snake Removal buries its wire between 12" to 18" inches. The harder the ground the better. Our Jack Hammers will drive us to the correct depth!

Rattlesnakes Don't Climb!
This is another myth! True, rattlesnakes are ground dwelling and tend to be lazy. We have removed several rattlesnakes that were climbing shrubs, bush's, reeds, and even lattice, most likely to get away from us! It is super important to keep all brush cut two feet back away from the fencing! Thus preventing a rattlesnake from using the customers plants as a bridge over the fence and into the yard!

Is your rattlesnake preventative fencing contractor insured? As you probably already know, living in California people love to sue! If anything is to happen on the property where the work is being performed, the property owner is held responsible. We have had customers tell us horror stories of people who sued due to snake bites and other accidents that have happened while performing work on private property.

So. Cal Snake Removal is insured, and will have the property owner sign a contract waiving liability of injury should an accident occur on the property.

A rattlesnake bite is a serious problem, not a badge of honor! A person who has been bitten should not be proud, and will never work with our company! We see a venomous snakebite as a lack of judgment/responsibility and focus with that animal. At no point should a wrangler's guard ever come down when working with venomous snakes that would allow him to be bitten. None of Southern California Snake Removal's workers have ever been bitten by a venomous reptile.

When purchasing your snakewire, please purchase the correct type. Make sure it is 1/4 inch galvanized and at least 48" wide. Many landscapers and other companies are installing 1/2 wire that is 24 inches high. This simply won't work! Snakes will both go over and go through the wire.

When installing the the wire to your property, it is hard to say how long the work will take. Installing snake preventative wire to your property is very labor intensive. On average we install 100' a day! Each gate takes around two hours to secure (we don't post pictures of our gates to block competition from using our specialized design). Gate pictures are available during fencing estimates. 

So. Cal. Snake Removal uses no day laborers! More often than not, day laborers are cheap illegal help for contractors.  All of our workers are US citizens.

This page was designed to give you the customer some insight into what to look for when shopping for a snake prevention consultant. It also gives you an idea of what we do. Our prices are a little higher then our competitors, but the quality of work and craftsmanship is unmatched. Our gates alone far exceed that of any of our competitors. If you are looking for quality and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime, please give us a call! If all you want is a deal please take the information from this page and keep shopping around. I will not undercut or jeopardize the quality of our work.


Jason McElroy