Southern California Snake Removal Inc

Protecting your home

Welcome to Southern California Snake Removals snake prevention page.  This page has been set up to help you determine if snake fencing is right for you. We will talk about ways you can make your yard look less appealing to snakes, and also show you many pictures of yards that have been sealed off from rattlesnakes.

Our company has been installing snake preventative fencing now for four years with great success. The mesh that we use is a Galvanized Hardware Cloth Mesh. It Measures 48" Wide and has 1/4" squares. Our rolls are in 100' sheets giving less breaks for future potential problems. When installed we try and bury the mesh one foot into the ground. When we encounter rocks, washes, or even concrete slabs, we need to cut the mesh to meet the floor base and then use a caulking adhesive to adhere the mesh to the surface. If the surface dosent appear to be clean enough for caulk, we then use a thin bead of concrete.  When it comes to attaching the snake fencing to your actual fence, we like to use a self tapping stainless steel screw. These are great, because they will never rust, and nothing is going to break or pull the screws out of your fence. If you have a chain link fence around your backyard. We will attach the mesh using a plastic coated steel tie wire.  

Southern California Snake Removal will never use twist ties or plastic straps to hold up your fence. The problem with using the plastic straps is, after a few years the sun will dry the plastic and the plastic will break, this causing your snake fence to drop.

We have gone to many homes and had to replace mesh that landscapers have put up. This is Hardware Cloth Mesh that is 1/2" squares and really isn't good at keeping anything but a puppy or maybe a child in your yard. If you are reading this and have the 1/2" hardware cloth mesh attached to your fence, you are more than likely still seeing snakes on your property.


We strongly recommend that you don't have your landscaper install your snake fencing. Yes we do want your business, but while landscapers do know a lot about gardening and many other aspects of maintaining your yard, having your landscaper do your snake fencing would be the equivalent of having your mechanic install your car radio! Snakes are very complex, and can do things with their bodies that many people wouldn't understand.

If you are going to spend the money to have your yard secured from snakes, make sure it is done right. In many cases our prices have been very competitive if not lower then many landscapers and we give free estimates (applies to most homes in the Los Angeles County Area, outside Los Angeles County their may be a fee!). With a free estimate, what do you have to lose? If a pet or a loved one gets bit by a rattlesnake, you have a lot to lose!    

The following pics were taken to show some of the fencing that some landscapers sold to homeowners as snake fencing.