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This page was designed to show the hell that life goes through when bitten by a venomous snake. We get calls from people in the San Fernando Valley area asking about what will happen if they get caught with venomous snakes as pets. We recently received a call from a young lady who was picking up a spitting cobra from the east coast to have live in her Van Nuys apartment.

We explained to her how serious this was. Such a pet could put her away for murder if the snake were to bite or spit at another person in California. We also had to remind her that cobra anti-venom was not something that the local hospital stocked and she could very likely die if envenomated. 

Hopefully after the thirty minutes of trying to talk her out of getting the snake she listened. I doubt it, but one can hope. I guess we'll just have to wait and watch the news.

These snakes are not to be tampered with. If you play with them, it is only a matter of time till you get bite. Some of our customers are under the false belief that a simple shot will cure the problem. This is not true! Rattlesnake bites can be a very serious and painful problem that can become fatal if not treated. We in no way support the ownership of venomous reptiles as pets. Hopefully the following pictures will get you to agree with me.

Pictures will be added as we come across them.

THE HAND2 3-1.bmp [75 Kb] 
Bite from a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

THE HAND10 3-2.bmp [75 Kb]
Same Bite from above pic with nacrotic tissue removed.

THE HAND11 3-2.bmp [75 Kb]
Bite from another Western Diamondback rattlesnake.

snake bite001.jpg [19 Kb]
Bite from a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake. Appendages typically don’t do well when the bite is to the hand.
2surgeries_cvvbite.jpg [50 Kb]
Same Pic as above of a Southern Pacific rattlesnake bite.

snakebitten cat.JPG [83 Kb]
Rattlesnake Bite to a cat.
Picture1.jpg [57 Kb]
This bite was from a Southern Pacific Rattlesnake. I was informed that the bite happened from one
tooth to the finger and i the city of Sylmar.

Click on the link below to see awsome video footage of a Southern Pacific rattlesnake bite and the hell
the victim ust go through. A perfect example of why you should have a professional remove your snakes.